Canada Pooch Red Lined Wellies for Dogs


The all-season dog boot for total paw protection and warmth in heat, rain, and snow. (Pack of 4)

Why you'll love the Lined Wellies  

  • How to Put on: Insert paw, pinch the top of the boot, secure strap in place
  • Protects against snow, rain & mud
  • Waterproof silicone material that allows your pup to actually feel the ground
  • Ultra-wide opening & a velcro securing strap & non-slip sole

Sizing Chart

Size Paw Width Paw Length
XS 0.8" 1.1"
S 0.9" 1.3"
M 1.1" 1.5"
L 1.3" 1.6"
XL 1.4" 1.9"
XXL 1.7" 2.1"

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