Taking canine care one step further on Toronto’s trendy Queen Street West and Leslieville. “It’s a natural extension of our shop. We want to bring the store and spa together to create a complete pooch-pampering experience,” says co-owner Paul Ryu, whose own style-hounds – Timmie and Tess – are eagerly anticipating the luxury treatment.

With state-of-the-art grooming equipment and premium products, we provide exceptional care to your dog in a safe and friendly environment.

Pamper your pooch with a lavish hydrosurge massage grooming session, mani & pawdicure, ear cleaning, fluff blowdry, brush-out and deshedding, hair cut and styling.


Prices are estimates and are based on dog’s breed and physical size, not weight.

  • Dog Full Groom: $70 to $150+
    (bath, blow dry, brush out, nail cut, ear clean and cut)
  • Dog Bath & Tidy: $45 to $125+
    (bath, blow dry, brush out, nail cut, ear clean and minor trimming)

  • Dematting: $70 per 30mins
  • Pawdicure: $17
  • Pawdicure & Ear Clean: $22
  • Teeth Brushing: $7
  • Anal Glands with Grooming: $10
  • Puppy Special: 20% off (4 months and under)
  • Flea Bath: $25-$45 (based on dog’s physical size)

  • We offer grooming 7 days a week.
  • Appointment times are between 8am to 3pm. This varies depending on the day and location.


      First impressions are very important. As such, it is imperative that puppies have a positive first experience with grooming as it will set the tone for the process for the rest of their lives.

      A puppy’s first groom should happen as early as possible once they have received adequate vaccination. The earlier the first groom happens, the better as your puppy will need to be groomed every 4-6 weeks for the rest of their lives. Introducing your puppy to the process when they are young is best so they understand that grooming is a part of life and not something to be afraid of.  Being able to stand confidently and have their bodies handled is far easier to teach to a young puppy than one who is older and possibly more fearful.

      First grooms should be short and positive and the puppy should receive adequate breaks if need be (to play, nap, or be cuddled) so that they are relaxed and do not become stressed.

      For the first groom it is best for the dog to receive a bath and tidy. Your puppy will be washed, blow dried, brushed out, have their nails trimmed, ears cleaned, paw pads and sanitary trimmed, light trimming around the eyes and rounding of the paws. The groomer will also turn the clipper on and run it all over the dog (horizontally without a blade). To get the dog used to the vibration of the clipper) if it is a dog that will be receiving haircuts throughout their lives (ie a doodle).

      Often, owners ask for a full haircut for the first groom and we do not recommend this, as a short, positive intro has the best results for the dog staying calm, and remaining stress-free.

      We look forward to meeting your puppies and helping them look and feel their best!


      We require a minimum of 24 hours notice for grooming appointment cancelations. For appointments cancelled less than 24 hours and for no shows, there is a charge of 50% of the grooming cost applied to the next grooming appointment.


      Queen West:
      867 Queen Street West

      1178 Queen Street East